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[Today at 12:05:02 PM] Scott: no gym buying all employees fat bikes

[Today at 11:44:11 AM] aaron1017: where the gym gonna go?

[Today at 11:44:00 AM] aaron1017: didnt watch

[Today at 11:34:46 AM] ProEdgeBiker: Aa, watch the webcast? we're getting a gym

[Today at 11:29:27 AM] BillT: they rake it before coming in and paving it

[Today at 11:29:11 AM] BillT: nice

[Today at 11:14:43 AM] chisel: Railin

[Today at 11:14:19 AM] chisel: Just a short run left to do

[Today at 11:13:59 AM] chisel: They raked more of redshirt

[Today at 11:02:19 AM] aaron1017: work fucking with my usual tues/thurs rides

[Today at 11:02:00 AM] aaron1017: you need back to back rides scott

[Today at 11:01:41 AM] Scott: left my legs at trilby last nite maybe hoping they will find their way home by tommorow