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[Today at 02:20:51 PM] Darrinw2001: beats handy's on gandy 

[Today at 02:13:35 PM] fatcamper: beats my job. i work on campus explaining how to take notes and make an outline to students

[Today at 02:09:01 PM] Browntown: downside is he works crazy hours - btu at engineering pay and tons of overtime - has making some crazy bank

[Today at 02:08:59 PM] Murf: yeah like maybe the machine that women put their boobs in for mamograms.. being that machine would be cool 

[Today at 02:08:31 PM] Browntown: my buddy has a sweet engineering gig basically destroying stuff and recording data

[Today at 02:08:24 PM] fatcamper: theyre few and far between though

[Today at 02:08:02 PM] Browntown: idk theres some pretty cool jubs out there

[Today at 02:07:50 PM] fatcamper: that's true

[Today at 02:07:36 PM] Murf: at best its like putting whip cream on shiit

[Today at 02:07:22 PM] Murf: jumbo shrimp

[Today at 02:07:16 PM] Murf: no such thing as "best job"   

[Today at 02:07:04 PM] Browntown: then again i think one of the examples im thinking of lied about his position haha