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[Today at 08:59:36 PM] Cheddah: alafia had awesome hardpack-medium

[Today at 08:42:05 PM] Murf: sic

[Today at 08:34:39 PM] aaron1017: no hero dirt

[Today at 08:34:14 PM] aaron1017: it barely got any rain out there. dry still

[Today at 08:34:08 PM] Alan: Want to see gpx for yetti

[Today at 08:32:22 PM] Browntown: How was yetti aa? Had the hero dirt?

[Today at 08:31:46 PM] Browntown: Srs

[Today at 08:31:40 PM] aaron1017: record all rides so we can hold you accountable. 

[Today at 08:31:12 PM] aaron1017: shutup and ride. update us in 2 months

[Today at 08:28:17 PM] Cheddah: I need more races! Makes me faster apprently

[Today at 08:27:57 PM] Cheddah: :(

[Today at 08:27:40 PM] Murf: blah blah blah....zzzzzzzzzzz...boooooring