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[Today at 08:29:15 AM] Redriderpro: never complain about Tampa area roads again...

[Today at 08:28:48 AM] Redriderpro: Arri, NOLA is the same, city and interstate roads are stupid rough

[Today at 07:28:25 AM] Cheddah: DUH knows all.

[Yesterday at 11:31:19 PM] Browntown: just got another pair of shin scarpers in the mail yesterday

[Yesterday at 11:04:26 PM] ProEdgeBiker: Just ask #DUH

[Yesterday at 11:04:13 PM] ProEdgeBiker: get some shin scrapers Arri, it will make you a better rider ;)

[Yesterday at 10:39:15 PM] arriflex: I've been thinking the same thing. So far been too lazy to search the hotel for ice.

[Yesterday at 10:16:08 PM] PoserLowroad: Ice never hurts

[Yesterday at 09:03:57 PM] arriflex: Might have overdone it with my ankle today though. Lots of turns.

[Yesterday at 08:47:31 PM] Cheddah: this weekend will be cater shred alll the time

[Yesterday at 08:38:13 PM] arriflex: Very pretty town though

[Yesterday at 08:38:02 PM] arriflex: Rattled my cadence sensor to death (rubber band broke)