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[Yesterday at 05:45:45 PM] ProEdgeBiker: FAIL NYPD

[Yesterday at 05:33:26 PM] Cheddah: lolno

[Yesterday at 05:32:15 PM] ProEdgeBiker: you may have a hard time since they use clipless pedals, 80-100mm stems & 22-30psi on their tubeless... 

[Yesterday at 05:29:58 PM] Cheddah: or atleast try too.

[Yesterday at 05:29:51 PM] Cheddah: woo

[Yesterday at 05:29:50 PM] Cheddah: I'm going to immigrate to New Zealand after High School

[Yesterday at 05:29:22 PM] Cheddah: hi sb

[Yesterday at 04:49:46 PM] ProEdgeBiker: Don't fly but ride:

[Yesterday at 04:46:42 PM] arriflex: gambling commercials

[Yesterday at 04:21:19 PM] Darrinw2001: porno'a 

[Yesterday at 04:21:02 PM] Darrinw2001: college chick porno's Arri? 

[Yesterday at 04:18:07 PM] Browntown: