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[Yesterday at 09:59:22 PM] Cheddah: nope

[Yesterday at 09:59:09 PM] AScoda: Was there a CX class at the classic?

[Yesterday at 09:57:01 PM] aaron1017: i bet i could ride my road bike on it

[Yesterday at 09:52:28 PM] AScoda: beach cruisers on North creek

[Yesterday at 09:48:55 PM] aaron1017: ride

[Yesterday at 09:48:54 PM] aaron1017: we still need to organize a klunkers side

[Yesterday at 09:45:43 PM] AScoda: Make you strong!

[Yesterday at 09:44:45 PM] aaron1017: picked it up and was like "WTF!!"

[Yesterday at 09:43:52 PM] AScoda: Steeeel

[Yesterday at 09:43:29 PM] AScoda: I used to build BSO's like that in the early 90's

[Yesterday at 09:42:59 PM] AScoda: I believe it.   

[Yesterday at 09:42:31 PM] aaron1017: 40lbs for a rigid 26er