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[Today at 03:34:53 PM] Pariah: no, water bottle mount pulled was fine to ride until replacement frame came in.

[Today at 03:33:08 PM] Redriderpro: warranty is a wonderful thing. Did you original CD not crack?

[Today at 03:32:01 PM] Redriderpro: seems to help I guess, I saw him recently and he was dirt free too

[Today at 03:31:54 PM] Pariah: can gregg even keep up with tarek?

[Today at 03:31:21 PM] Redriderpro: Greg said last ride with Tarek, he was crash free @ Alafia. now taking vertigo meds 

[Today at 03:30:57 PM] Pariah: that there is called a defect frank... mass production chinese frames

[Today at 03:30:34 PM] Redriderpro: OTHERS....

[Today at 03:30:25 PM] Redriderpro:

[Today at 03:30:17 PM] Pariah: truth

[Today at 03:29:59 PM] BillT: tarek can put himself in the hospital just walking around

[Today at 03:29:14 PM] Pariah: justifiable homicide.

[Today at 03:29:00 PM] Pariah: my bike would put tarek in the would be self defense.