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[Today at 08:30:17 AM] AScoda: White Cannodale.  If anyones out there, hurl some ooth at me in typical SB fashion. :)

[Today at 08:29:59 AM] AScoda: Hitting SCT on skinny tire soon-52 to the end for the hills.

[Today at 01:01:45 AM] aaron1017: got carded for a rated R movie tonight

[Yesterday at 09:39:32 PM] aaron1017: phat sux

[Yesterday at 09:37:05 PM] Scott: sux it spankies

[Yesterday at 09:09:40 PM] aaron1017: do it murf

[Yesterday at 08:10:24 PM] Murf: $240 for a new xfusion

[Yesterday at 07:44:43 PM] Alan: Should use the unbeveled socket on Fox and RS too, just don't have to. 

[Yesterday at 07:32:04 PM] aaron1017: shim stack damper on compression and rebound

[Yesterday at 07:31:41 PM] aaron1017: seems like can do yourself with non beveled socket.

[Yesterday at 07:25:34 PM] aaron1017: damper side is the side that's not user serviceable. 1 year or 100 hrs

[Yesterday at 07:21:34 PM] aaron1017: xfusions forks are not as user serviceable :(