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[Today at 09:03:57 PM] arriflex: Might have overdone it with my ankle today though. Lots of turns.

[Today at 08:47:31 PM] Cheddah: this weekend will be cater shred alll the time

[Today at 08:38:13 PM] arriflex: Very pretty town though

[Today at 08:38:02 PM] arriflex: Rattled my cadence sensor to death (rubber band broke)

[Today at 08:37:44 PM] arriflex: The streets are fucking awful in Baton Rouge

[Today at 08:04:57 PM] AScoda: Just rub some dirt on it, ched

[Today at 07:04:00 PM] stucco1: Ched your young ,suck it up!

[Today at 06:23:15 PM] ProEdgeBiker: DUHHHHHHH

[Today at 04:26:55 PM] Cheddah: I'm not going to make a rotary cuff tear worse by riding, that would put me out for longer

[Today at 04:08:17 PM] Browntown: Ched the SB is a place of hardship - endure!

[Today at 03:53:17 PM] TRG: I used to walk to school 10 miles uphill both ways!

[Today at 03:20:23 PM] AScoda: My back was hurting this AM, still did 60 miles