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[Yesterday at 09:53:24 PM] Curt: used way too much Himalayan salt in mix tonight,  it was like a camelbak full of ocean water

[Yesterday at 09:46:37 PM] aaron1017: murf sux with tires.

[Yesterday at 08:32:53 PM] Murf: must have..was using crappy walmart pump

[Yesterday at 08:30:44 PM] Curt: inflate to cheddar standards? ;)

[Yesterday at 08:29:31 PM] Murf: switched*

[Yesterday at 08:29:18 PM] Murf: no tire was flat for 4 months and I swotxhed wheels and imflated it..about 30mims later it popped

[Yesterday at 08:29:16 PM] Curt: wheel OK ?

[Yesterday at 08:28:11 PM] Murf: makes me sad....I treat people like ghandi would and karma crushes me

[Yesterday at 08:25:54 PM] Curt: new  install?

[Yesterday at 08:23:30 PM] Curt: why you cursed?

[Yesterday at 08:21:19 PM] Murf: tire blew off my front wheel.....#YuHateMeStan

[Yesterday at 08:19:57 PM] Murf: squish squish