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[Today at 03:43:41 PM] PoserLowroad: out

[Today at 03:43:35 PM] PoserLowroad: Okay, will think this through as I pressure wash my porch. 

[Today at 03:43:33 PM] Murf: make sure the channel is bigger than just a cable width im thinking your housing was only on the outside and not through the frame ..the holes acted as cable stops 

[Today at 03:42:39 PM] Murf: usually its two holes with a liner from one to the other 

[Today at 03:42:21 PM] Murf: nice

[Today at 03:42:02 PM] PoserLowroad: Holy crap, I'm am please to discover that the folks at Kona have it covered, it's a channel.

[Today at 03:41:29 PM] Murf: but if you do do it you'll want to blow the line out with a compressor first to lessen the chance/amount of brake fluid in the frame 

[Today at 03:40:34 PM] Murf: no its just been my experience that swapping lines or bleeding avid in general never turns out well

[Today at 03:40:05 PM] fatcamper: if given the opportunity avids would kill you and your entire family

[Today at 03:38:03 PM] PoserLowroad: XO why, potential brake fluid in frame?

[Today at 03:36:49 PM] Murf: what kind of brakes are they ? if theyre avid i would cross it off the list 

[Today at 03:34:32 PM] PoserLowroad: Just went down the priority list fo sho