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[Yesterday at 10:32:48 PM] Browntown: It's a bit sad

[Yesterday at 10:20:52 PM] ProEdgeBiker: car tires are cheaper

[Yesterday at 10:08:37 PM] Scott: $160 retail, better have a pHAT wallet

[Yesterday at 10:07:30 PM] Scott: 26 x 4.6 so PHAT

[Yesterday at 10:06:22 PM] Scott:

[Yesterday at 09:58:06 PM] Browntown: the alu bars look sweet though

[Yesterday at 09:57:56 PM] Browntown: i prefer the stealth logo's 

[Yesterday at 09:57:35 PM] Browntown: dunno how i feel about their carbon w color

[Yesterday at 09:45:49 PM] ProEdgeBiker:

[Yesterday at 09:41:41 PM] ProEdgeBiker: DUH! did you see your self on the video?

[Yesterday at 09:26:32 PM] PoserLowroad: 25 is fine for my front, will try 35 in rear tomorrow. to find that sweet spot.

[Yesterday at 09:25:16 PM] Cheddah: 5:00PM+

Author Topic: Welcome to the SWAMP Forums  (Read 6371 times)

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Welcome to the SWAMP Forums
« on: May 05, 2006, 01:35:47 PM »
Welcome to the SWAMP Community!

These forums are for you and your use related to Florida Mountain Biking. Login or register to read / post messages in this system.

Please note:
 - Anyone can register for these forums. (click Login above)

 - Informal.  These forums are for the use of anyone willing to discuss mountain biking or cycling.

 - SWAMP membership is not required to join these forums, although members do have access to additional boards.

 - The newsletter and Yahoo! e-group are still the official methods of association communications

 - More boards and topics are available to you after you log in.
   (You can stay logged in by checking the 'Always Stay Logged in' box when you sign in)

Welcome and Enjoy!
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