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[Today at 09:57:42 PM] ProEdgeBiker: DUH!

[Today at 09:23:44 PM] Curt: leaning towards a bike pack trip

[Today at 08:50:01 PM] Curt: lemme think on it, i would really like to ride that section of the route

[Today at 08:46:56 PM] Scott: yes

[Today at 08:46:13 PM] Curt: riding the 18th?

[Today at 08:46:07 PM] Scott: everything tnga

[Today at 08:46:00 PM] Scott:

[Today at 08:45:06 PM] Scott: mrs will shuttle us from helen to state line

[Today at 08:43:31 PM] Scott: not sure of his duration

[Today at 08:43:19 PM] Scott: chiz is renting a van and driving seperatly

[Today at 08:42:40 PM] Scott: no,I am driving up with the mrs friday and coming home tuesday

[Today at 08:42:35 PM] PoserLowroad: Didn't ride third finger, but not as hairy as I had fretted.

Author Topic: WTA Meeting Results  (Read 3033 times)

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WTA Meeting Results
« on: September 08, 2006, 11:37:57 PM »
The WTA meets on the first Wednesday of every month.

In September the WTA re-named the ridge trail to Heartbreak Ridge.

Does it break your heart if you don't make it over the roots?  ::)

Ask your ride guide to take you through there on your next club ride! This is a popular section of trail.
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