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[Today at 11:56:10 AM] aaron1017: RIBMO

[Today at 11:55:45 AM] PoserLowroad: Hello SB

[Today at 11:20:37 AM] ProEdgeBiker: *Y

[Today at 11:18:45 AM] aaron1017:

[Today at 11:09:01 AM] ProEdgeBiker: Sweet, the company just gave me 3gb to link my personal dropbox to my work one

[Today at 11:02:56 AM] aaron1017: pretty soon we will be riding giant circles as tubing get bigger and bigger

[Today at 11:01:48 AM] aaron1017: glad to see bright colors are making a comeback in cycling

[Today at 10:56:01 AM] BillT: he was great in that role...totally made me hate him

[Today at 10:51:02 AM] aaron1017: I need more titanium

[Today at 10:50:35 AM] ProEdgeBiker: retire and ride bikes, SEE!

[Today at 10:49:40 AM] ProEdgeBiker: im sure orion made a ton of money

[Today at 10:40:44 AM] aaron1017: Kid is retiring from acting

Author Topic: Important Phone number.  (Read 3029 times)

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Important Phone number.
« on: July 15, 2006, 01:33:05 PM »
If you encounter an emergency while on the trails dial 911

Make sure you have an idea of where you are in relation to the nearest trail access point so you can easily direct assistance to your location.

Here is another valuable on-the-trails phone number to use while riding the Wilderness Trails:

Ranger Cell Phone: (813) 426-5583

Visit the Wilderness Trails SWAMP page or the Wilderness Trails Association page for more information.
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