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[Today at 03:43:41 PM] PoserLowroad: out

[Today at 03:43:35 PM] PoserLowroad: Okay, will think this through as I pressure wash my porch. 

[Today at 03:43:33 PM] Murf: make sure the channel is bigger than just a cable width im thinking your housing was only on the outside and not through the frame ..the holes acted as cable stops 

[Today at 03:42:39 PM] Murf: usually its two holes with a liner from one to the other 

[Today at 03:42:21 PM] Murf: nice

[Today at 03:42:02 PM] PoserLowroad: Holy crap, I'm am please to discover that the folks at Kona have it covered, it's a channel.

[Today at 03:41:29 PM] Murf: but if you do do it you'll want to blow the line out with a compressor first to lessen the chance/amount of brake fluid in the frame 

[Today at 03:40:34 PM] Murf: no its just been my experience that swapping lines or bleeding avid in general never turns out well

[Today at 03:40:05 PM] fatcamper: if given the opportunity avids would kill you and your entire family

[Today at 03:38:03 PM] PoserLowroad: XO why, potential brake fluid in frame?

[Today at 03:36:49 PM] Murf: what kind of brakes are they ? if theyre avid i would cross it off the list 

[Today at 03:34:32 PM] PoserLowroad: Just went down the priority list fo sho

Author Topic: Singletrack Samurai Productions Presents: Dirty DANO's 100 April 17th 8am  (Read 8367 times)

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Online Jonesy

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Great job to those that finished. I , unfortunately was one of the many that did not. (Note to self, do not go out so hard on the first 50 when there is pizza and a car ride back to the trailhead available at lunch.) I had a goal of catching the 6:30 starters before lunch when I left at 8:00 which I was able to do, but emptied the tank  in the process. SSP did an outstanding job designing the course, and an even better job providing support and entertainment. I look forward to participating in the next SSP event!

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Rock on Jonesy!!!  You definitely suprised me by quitting early. Then again you also suprised me by catching us as well. Thought you would have made the whole deal. I cut it short and bypassed the Gnar on the way back after coming out of John Brown. Rode the yellow Epic back and came out with 89. Just wanted to let you know I made it without calling for Help!
wherever you go.....there you are.
Just a big Hooper!

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Great job by all of you.. Next year i am in this one...

Offline J. Ryan

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I may have been a "slow poke" but I made it. I was so close to taking the SR200 Bailout at mile 88. I had Karlos in the back of my head saying "do you have what it takes?".

Offline Singletrack Samurai

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I may have been a "slow poke" but I made it. I was so close to taking the SR200 Bailout at mile 88. I had Karlos in the back of my head saying "do you have what it takes?".

YOu did it brother, its all that matters ~!