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[Today at 01:45:33 PM] Darrinw2001: I had ringworm once 

[Today at 01:30:13 PM] chisel: I use to rock hookworms aa

[Today at 01:20:15 PM] aaron1017: every ride is recovery

[Today at 01:08:26 PM] Browntown: "Rules"

[Today at 01:08:19 PM] Murf: Rule one is only posted for the roadies 

[Today at 01:07:55 PM] Murf: ha!

[Today at 01:07:55 PM] Rocky Mountain OOTH: rule 1 would solve so many problems

[Today at 01:07:04 PM] Rocky Mountain OOTH: if someone uses the term "revovery ride" they are dropped from my friends list

[Today at 01:06:28 PM] Murf: lol face book swap site posting "I just want to let you guys know, if you post your email address on here, you can expect me to email you weird sloth pictures. And no I don't have anything better to do."

[Today at 01:05:03 PM] Murf: "Recovery Ride: If someone says they are going on a recovery ride, they are going to try to drop you on every climb. Guaranteed."

[Today at 01:03:39 PM] Murf: revised rules

[Today at 01:01:35 PM] aaron1017: