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[Yesterday at 10:32:48 PM] Browntown: It's a bit sad

[Yesterday at 10:20:52 PM] ProEdgeBiker: car tires are cheaper

[Yesterday at 10:08:37 PM] Scott: $160 retail, better have a pHAT wallet

[Yesterday at 10:07:30 PM] Scott: 26 x 4.6 so PHAT

[Yesterday at 10:06:22 PM] Scott:

[Yesterday at 09:58:06 PM] Browntown: the alu bars look sweet though

[Yesterday at 09:57:56 PM] Browntown: i prefer the stealth logo's 

[Yesterday at 09:57:35 PM] Browntown: dunno how i feel about their carbon w color

[Yesterday at 09:45:49 PM] ProEdgeBiker:

[Yesterday at 09:41:41 PM] ProEdgeBiker: DUH! did you see your self on the video?

[Yesterday at 09:26:32 PM] PoserLowroad: 25 is fine for my front, will try 35 in rear tomorrow. to find that sweet spot.

[Yesterday at 09:25:16 PM] Cheddah: 5:00PM+

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  • Morris Bridge Workday: May 19, 2007

Author Topic: Morris Bridge Trail Workday, Saturday May 19th, at 9:00 AM  (Read 1089 times)

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Saturday, May 19th, 2007 at 9:00 am
(Third Saturday of every month)

Morris Bridge Boat launch area parking lot.

Come out and help us maintain the Wilderness Parks Trails system.  Help us recover from Squiggy! Everyone welcome.

Trail work until noon, with lunch afterwards.

Visit the SWAMP Calendar for this and other event listings (use Month View)

Send e-mail to trails (at) to RSVP and let us know you will be there so we can bring enough food and tools.

Bring gloves and water.

See you there!

Thank You
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