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[Today at 03:19:24 PM] Pariah: not too bad...130mm travel is for old qualify.

[Today at 03:19:11 PM] Redriderpro: fork was 120 mm, now 130 better action and better match to the rear suspension travel

[Today at 03:18:32 PM] Redriderpro: 2014 compession damper and 130 mm kit for the fork, carbon seatpost replaced the dropper, different tires, bars, seat and single 32 chainring up front

[Today at 03:18:21 PM] Pariah: personal mods...what 7" of travel front and back or something equally as silly?

[Today at 03:18:19 PM] BillT: i tend to ride them at a good pace though (good for me pace that is)

[Today at 03:17:57 PM] Pariah: at least its not an ellsworth

[Today at 03:17:44 PM] Pariah: exactly bill

[Today at 03:17:34 PM] BillT: need more powa first, p

[Today at 03:17:24 PM] Redriderpro: P/ RRP has a 2013 Giant Trance 29ER XO with some personal mods now

[Today at 03:17:11 PM] Pariah: try them at a faster pace, they get a little harder then

[Today at 03:16:45 PM] BillT: i've ridden there too much

[Today at 03:16:38 PM] BillT: i don't find them or big red or beast/moe to be that hard

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Fat Man on A Mountain Bike
« on: March 03, 2012, 08:36:26 AM »
I Have resurrected My Blog." " If anyone is Interested Check it out. Im Open to Tips and Pointers on Better Riding and Health to make My Ride an Better one.
Mountain Biking in Florida? Hell Yea