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[Today at 12:38:37 AM] Cheddah: Hi PEB!

[Today at 12:38:25 AM] Cheddah: cater is sunday

[Yesterday at 10:42:58 PM] Browntown: farrt go ride carter

[Yesterday at 10:20:59 PM] ProEdgeBiker: Hi DUH!

[Yesterday at 10:18:43 PM] Cheddah: Hopefully I can ride alafia tomarrow

[Yesterday at 09:16:35 PM] Murf: dont worry dw..youre in there somewhere..prolly taking the pic

[Yesterday at 09:15:32 PM] Murf: arris kind of ride ..bunch of dudes watching each other beating it to death.

[Yesterday at 09:01:15 PM] Browntown: lightning suck

[Yesterday at 08:57:12 PM] ProEdgeBiker: Bad Ass:

[Yesterday at 08:30:40 PM] ProEdgeBiker: DW's girl:

[Yesterday at 08:29:41 PM] ProEdgeBiker: He only likes Tube Steak

[Yesterday at 06:47:57 PM] arriflex: You can't beat his meat

Author Topic: Fat Man on A Mountain Bike  (Read 473 times)

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Fat Man on A Mountain Bike
« on: March 03, 2012, 08:36:26 AM »
I Have resurrected My Blog." " If anyone is Interested Check it out. Im Open to Tips and Pointers on Better Riding and Health to make My Ride an Better one.
Mountain Biking in Florida? Hell Yea