Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve Trail (South of Brandon)

Balm Boyettte Entrance sign

Guided Rides

13998 Balm Boyette Road, Lithia, FL 33547

We usually schedule guided rides at 9:00 am on the 2nd Sunday of most months. See our ride calendar for details.

Park entrance view   (Use Address link to get driving directions)

Trail Rating (25 miles): 14 Easy, 7.5 Intermediate and 3.5 Difficult

Trail Map: Boyette Trail Map (May 12, 2016) Boyette geo-map on MTBProject

Facilities: Bathroom

Note: Ridgeline Trail is currently Open (Dec 14) Do not ride when wet.

Rain:  Heavy rain is extremely erosive to any trail, as is riding on a wet trail. However, most trails drain very well within 2 to 4 hours. Please avoid riding the clay trails, Ridgeline and Abyss, for at least 24 hours after rain. (Longer after heavy or sustained rain)

Status: Hillsborough County Preserve lands, open to the public. One parking entrance (free). The county is in the process of evaluating a new parking lot. We will provide additional information as it becomes available.

Trail Workdays

SWAMP usually hosts open to the public Boyette workdays on the Saturday before the 2nd Sunday of most months, starting at 7:45 am (See calendar for details)
For information, contact the Boyette Trail Boss at trails at SWAMPClub dot org

Boyette Trail Boss: Scott Roff, RSVP to: Trails at SWAMPClub dot org.

See what kind of Trail Building Tools we sometimes use.
For more information contact the Trail Boss.

Directions to the parking lot

Click on the "P" (Parking Lot) marker in the map for more information and directions. Click on the bicycle marks for some trail section names. (zoom in on the map [+] or click the link just below the map for a closer view)

Maintain Trails? Help Us!

With so many trails in Boyette designed and built to be technically challenging, we can use your help maintaining and repairing these trails. We ride some, work a little, play a lot, then ride some more. Trail work is more rewarding than you expect! Find out how you can help, send e-mail to Trails at SWAMPClub dot org.

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Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve (25 miles) is not actually a park that features recreational facilities. This county owned preserve has no budgeted money, thus the typical creature comforts are missing. All trails, structures, and many roads are maintained by SWAMP, at our expense. There are about 25 miles of single-track, plus about 12 miles of double-track used to access or connect the single-track. The sweet single track starts about 2 miles in from the parking area. Boyette is situated on 4,900 acres of upland scrub, located just south of Brandon. About a dozen lakes populate rolling grasslands at the far eastern end of the property, with the remainder being heavily covered with scrub-oak and pine. From beginner to advanced rider, Boyette has something for everyone.

The Ridgeline Trail (2.2 miles), completed in December 2008, is certainly unique when compared to other Florida trails. By design, the descents are long and straight, with a clean run-out at the bottom. Curves are banked, and most roots and rocks have been removed to keep the surface smooth and fast. There are several drops where you can reach 35 mph without pedaling. Check the photo section of our website, or YouTube for videos.

East Meadow and West Meadow provide longer downhills and gentle climbs with a couple of optional jumps added in for more fun.

The Abyss (North and South) will certainly thrill the steep drop riders, as will Big Drop. We even have switchbacks.

Located east of Boyette Road, there are 12 miles of beginner's level two-track circling the dozen or so lakes. Several intermediate level single-track loops branch off this main two-track. These loops are cut through the woods and along the lakes, and consists of moderately strenuous, more technically difficult trails. There are some open sections where a rider can gain speed, but for the most part, the trail is tight, twisty and tough. Oh yeah, it's also great fun.

All trails have been marked, cut, and groomed by SWAMP members and public volunteers.

Yahoo! Group for reporting trail work

SWAMP, in association with suggestions from the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), has created a Yahoo! Group for the Boyette Bike Patrol. This Yahoo! e-group is for club members who are also Patrol members of IMBA. Please see below if you wish to be part of this e-mail trail conditions and reporting system.

If you meet the criteria, use the Join Now button found at the Balm Boyette Bike Patrol group. Then receive ride and trail condition reports. Patrollers who also report trail conditions and incidents receive volunteer hours for the patrol group.

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