February 10, 2018
Withlacoochee State Forest
Brooksville, FL

Croom 35 / 50 Event Description and Registration information

Key points to remember

This page is manually updated every three to eight days during the open registration period. If you registered prior to the date / time listed in the insert below AND your name is not found in the list, please contact Registration at SWAMPclub dot org with your concerns. If you sell your ticket(s) to someone or wish to change the name(s) make sure you update the ticket information in the Product Optionstab of yourSWAMP Dashboardor contact us at the Registration@ email address and let us know who takes your place.

Learn more about ourCroombike trails here.

Croom Event Attendees

Registered Guests as of ...

Sell or Buy Tickets

Sell or Buy unwanted tickets via ourFacebook page, the SWAMP Message forums, or the Yahoo! group (club members only).


Make sure you send the new buyer registration name, city and e-mail address to Registration at SWAMPclub dot org. The new Buyer must also be copied on this email. Note that ALL ticket changes must be completed by the Thursday before the event.


e-Tickets will be transferred to your own SWAMP registration account. Make sure you are able to log in here before your ticket is transferred.

Once your ticket is transferred, login and select the "Product Options" tab to update the ticket name, e-mail address, and other ticket information.