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The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) is the only national organization exclusively devoted to promoting mountain bicycling.  Its goal is to support cycling groups and mountain bicycling opportunities through environmentally and socially responsible land use.  Every IMBA member is a field representative, promoting the idea that we are not simply cyclists who happen to ride on trails, but environmentalists who enjoy the natural world on our bikes.  It’s the IMBA that empowers all the individual riders by providing a united voice.  A voice that says to land managers, “We have a common goal, the preservation of the environment for the enjoyment of everyone”.

The IMBA has provided SWAMP valuable support as an affiliated club.  If you would like more information on land access, you can become a member of IMBA. They need your support as much as we need theirs. Consider it an investment in your riding future.

IMBA’s mission is to promote open trails through responsible and environmentally sound cycling.   IMBA distributes informational material as a resource for educating cyclists, land managers, and the media in the facts concerning the environmental impact and safety of mountain bicycle use on trails.

The IMBA provides:

  • data supporting multiple use trails
  • data disproving the rampant trail destruction often referred to matter-of-factually by those opposing mountain bikes
  • guidelines for trail construction and maintenance
  • suggested methodology for securing land access

The IMBA "Rules of the Trail" can help us in our day-to-day riding.

  1. Ride on open trails only
  2. Leave no trace
  3. Control your bicycle
  4. Always yield the trail
  5. Never spook animals
  6. Plan ahead

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