Florida Mountain Biking Rides and Events

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All Events are SWAMP events unless otherwise noted.
Start time is 9:00 am unless otherwise indicated.
Workday RSVP's may be needed for lunch count purposes.

Helmets are required for all SWAMP mountain bike rides.
Your brain is your most important organ, protect it!!

See Ride Group Classifications

Current Monthly Events and Rides
See Calendar for actual scheduled rides
Day before 1st Sunday
Wilderness Trails (Morris Bridge) Work Day 8:00 am

RSVP to Brian Boyle

1st Sunday Trout Creek Site Ride
With Guides
Every Tuesday Wilderness Evening Ride 4:00 pm or 6:00 pm
Day before 2nd Sunday
Boyette Work Day 7:45 am

RSVP to Scott Roff

2nd Saturday Intro to Mountain Biking at Alafia River State Park
Presented by Lucy Lemus of AJ's Bikes
RSVP Required
2nd Sunday Balm Boyette Scrub PreserveClub Ride.
Day before 3rd Sunday
Alafia Trail Work day 8:30 am

RSVP to Angelo Giambrone (Geo)

3rd Sunday Alafia River State Park Club Ride.
  See our Calendar for actual scheduled rides
Day before 4th Sunday
Croom (#1 or #3) Workday

RSVP to Bob Wilcox

4th Sunday Croom Club Ride, with guides.
5th Saturday 5th Saturday Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve extra Club Ride.
5th Sunday Santos Club Ride. Main Trail Head
  See the Calendar for the actual monthly ride and events schedule
  All events start at 9:00 AM unless otherwise indicated on our ride calendar.
  See Editorial Comment Below

Recurring Events

Major Event Schedule

Past Activities

Wes Eubank Photo Gallery.


Mountain Bike Ride Group Classifications

A Group - gonzo riders

  • maintain fast, aggressive pace
  • possess advanced level riding skills
  • knowledgeable of trails, or at least be able to read a map
  • carry tools, spare chain tool/parts, know how to use them

B Group - experienced riders

  • will split into fast (B+), medium (B), and relaxed (B-) paced groups
  • intermediate level riding skills
  • reasonable knowledge of trails - group does wait at intersections for everyone to catch up
  • carry tools, possess minimal mechanical skills, but will receive assistance from group if there is a problem

C Group - recreational off road cycling

  • moderate pace - shorter route
  • Minimal riding skills required (new riders)
  • no knowledge of trails needed
  • carry spare tube, will receive assistance from a ride guide if there is a problem

Trail Work Day Contacts:

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Webmaster's Note: Come and Ride! You can ride with us on most scheduled rides without being a Club member...try us out, eh? And for around the cost of a large pizza w/Everything ($30), you can participate in an organization whose sole purpose is to keep mountain bike trails open for everyone's riding enjoyment. A Club that is affiliated with the International organization to do the same thing. How much pizza do you eat in a year? Can you spare one?

Think what your tricked out ride would be worth if you had no trails to ride it on...just a clunky road bike with noisy tires!!! So please join us...it's Politically Correct AND cool!!

We've made it easy for you to join our association, visit your SWAMP Dashboard or Register Nowto help support our trails!

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Unguided Rides

Rides marked "Unguided" are informal, "Show and Go", rides where no SWAMP Ride Guides are assigned. These are usually B or above riders ...faster and less reliant on Ride Guides for navigation and assistance.