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Author Topic: Bring back CROOM #1 rides!  (Read 4163 times)

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Bring back CROOM #1 rides!
« on: August 27, 2007, 09:03:49 AM »
Sorry for the subject... wanted to make sure you read this post.....  I just send this email too all of SWAMP.  It is sad to see what I saw on Saturday.  Not the low turn out of volunteers but the condition I found Sugar Hill at CROOM. 

Please consider bringing back our alternate parking and riding out of Croom #1.  Car break ins are going to happens no matter where you park.  If someone wants to get in your car, they will. 
For the sake of riding ALL of our trails, let's return to parking at Croom #1 again.  If not, please consider alternating the rides to avoid the yellow loop for a trip over to Sugar Mountain.  Who says we always have to ride out south from Tucker Hill on yellow loop?  Our SWAMP ride guides need to alternate our Croom group rides and go to Sugar Hill and the north Pits.  Sugar Hill has been almost forgotten by all of us.  We will soon loose that great loop to the overgrowth if we don't take care of it and if we don't go ride it.  It is a challenging claim but you get rewarded with a great view from the top.  It is only a short 4-6 mile trip from Tucker Hill (Croom #3) by taking the green bypass over to the red shortcut to blue north. 
While working last Saturday, I rode out to clean that trail.  There is so much overgrowth that it was hard to see where the trail actually is.  The weeds will soon be gone after Wilcox mover makes shop soup out of them.  But the trail is going to disappear if we DO NOT RIDE IT.   Don't give me the line that trails have been there forever and they always will be.  If we do not ride them, they WILL become unrideable.  I am not asking you to come out to help at the work days.  Others have done that.  I am asking you that if you do come out to ride at Croom, alternate your route and hit all the trails eventually.  Sugar Hil and back is a great short 10-15 mile from Tucker Hill (Croom #3).  Ride it or Loose it!!!!
We are building tons of great new trails.  That is great,  I can't wait to ride on them.  But we if can't maintain OR ride the ones we already we have, then just close them now!!!!
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