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Author Topic: Volunteer Hours  (Read 5032 times)

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Volunteer Hours
« on: October 14, 2006, 09:39:23 PM »
To show our appreciation for those that give us the trails we ride, the SWAMP Club created a Volunteer Awards Program. Awards are based on your level of participation within a given year, as listed below.  Awards are presented to volunteers during the annual Holiday Party held on the first Sunday in December (after the Trout Creek ride).
Here's a review on how the awards work:
1.  The first time you accumulate 20 hours (it could take you a year, it could take you five, doesn't matter), you get a spiffy SWAMP baseball cap.
2.  Once you've earned and received the cap, volunteer hours are then tracked by year. The next year in which you accumulate 20 hours (yep, the rules are more strict now), you get the highly coveted SWAMP TRAIL CREW shirt.
3.  The next year after that in which you do your time (20 hrs again), you get a FREE SWAMP JERSEY!!!!  Wow.
4.  etc, etc, etc, (the year after that) you get a SWAMP DOLLAR CERTIFICATE worth $50.  You can spend the certificate on anything SWAMP (event registration fee, jersey, trip to Ellijay, whatever)
5. After the 4th year the $50 prize just keeps on giving.

Folks who perform 10 Ride Guide assignments during the year receive Free Club Membership.

In addition to these wonderful prizes, you can earn the highly coveted TRAIL CREW shirt by putting in 40 hours during any year (including your first).  That's right, you can earn a Trail Crew shirt just by working a second 20 hours in any year (that's a total of 40 hours in one year)
And for the Grand Prize - a drawing will be made during the holiday party from all those members completing 20 (or more) volunteer hours for the year. The winner will receive an expense paid trip to Ellijay. (Must be a SWAMP Mountain Bike Club member)

SWAMP Dollars can be spent on any of the SWAMP offerings or products. We sell riding jerseys in various colors, sizes and shapes. We also sell event swag from time to time, like SWAMP socks or gear bags. We host two annual events, the Croom 35/50 in February and the Alafia Fat Tire Festival in November. And we organize mountain bike trips out of state to locations like Ellijay, GA in the spring, Asheville, NC in the Fall among others. Your SWAMP Dollars can be applied as payment toward any of these.

Event Volunteers.

SWAMP Club hosts several events each year, including the Croom 35/50, the Alafia FTF, and our Holiday Season party. Again, volunteers make it happen.
Those volunteering their time during these events receive admission to the event (prepaid, returned after the event), the meals, t-shirts, and everything else a paid participant would receive. All at no cost.

Huge thank you to all of you for all of your help on the trails.
Are you a SWAMP Mountain Bike Club member? Ride Guide?
If so, use the Personal Message link to the left, under my name, to send me a PM about upgrading your forum account to SWAMPer or Ride Guide!
Please remember to include your first and last name and when or how you joined SWAMP.

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Re: Volunteer Hours
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2015, 09:03:12 AM »
How do I sign up for hours? Im new to all this

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Re: Volunteer Hours
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2015, 09:07:32 AM »
How do I sign up for hours? Im new to all this
I assume you are talking about Trail Work Hours?  The Trail Boss keeps track of those and reports them for workday volunteers.  If you are involved with Adopt-A-Trail then you report your hours and work done to the Trail Boss of the particular trail system you worked. (i.e. Alafia, Boyette, Croom, or Wilderness Trails.)

If it is hours volunteering in other areas of the SWAMP Club then the lead person should be keeping track of your hours.  Hope this helps.