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Author Topic: Posting WT50 route  (Read 1503 times)

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Posting WT50 route
« on: December 31, 2007, 10:15:04 PM »
Hey folks,
Get your maps out and follow along, or pick one up with arrows on it the day of the ride - here's the route:

LAP #1
Starting at Trout Creek parking across the levy to #47 and the single track.  Exit single track at #41 up on the levy again onto Squiggy - exit Squiggy right to Panther, follow around the lake and left on the main trail #39 - Follow single track all the way around to the “Y” onto Eubanks and Morris Bridge and across the road to Heart Break Ridge - exit Heart Break Ridge to Washboard - Turn left at the power lines and right to Indian -Right at 1/2 way point of Indian - right Grandpa to powerline - left to Techno Pig - right onto Piglet - left 1/2 way on connector to Hog Wild (look for orange tape) - left on Hog Wild - Right to main trail #14 - left on main trail at #14 - right on #13 - left at #12 onto main trail - right on Hog Wild #13 then right pastTechno Pig turning left onto center of Indian - right on Indian - right at #8 onto main trail to Grandpa - left off Grandpa onto Palmetto - jog left on main to Grandpa to the right - turn right on Sinkhole follow around - left at #5 onto Speedway near sand pits - follow to main trail turn right on main to Misery - left to Gator Bait - left to Misery second time - right along Pits - left at kiosk to Hole-In-The-Fence - cross road to Coconut Grove - exit Coconut to Bayshore - Bayshore to parking lot.

LAP #2
Starting at Trout Creek enter Bayshore at #1 exit under powerlines to Coconut Grove - exit Coconut Grove across road to Hole-In-The-Fence - follow main trail to Misery - turn right to Gator Bait - turn right onto Misery again - turn left onto Speedway back towards sand pits and turn right onto Sinkhole at #5 - Exit Sinkhole to the left onto Grandpa - left on main trail then right to Palmetto - exit Palmetto to the right onto Grandpa - left off of Grandpa #9 to Indian #8 - exit Indian halfway to the left - exit to the right onto connector to Hog Wild bypassing Grandpa continue towards Techno Pig but turn left at three way to Hog Wild - cross main trail at #13 into Enchanted - exit #12 left onto Main trail ride past #13 and turn right at #14 Hog Wild - turn left towards power lines and take connector to the right (look for orange ribbon) to Piglet turn right - left onto Techno Pig - exit at power lines to the right - enter Grandpa - exit to the left onto Indian - exit Indian left at the power lines - turn right onto Washboard and Heart Break Ridge - exit Heart Break Ridge to Morris Bridge and cross over to Flatwoods side. Your choice to hop the rail and ride down by the river or continue on to the bypass a little ways up on the left - follow to Eubanks Parkway to the “Y” and paved loop - Follow all of the single track back to Panther turning right on Panther - exit Panther left onto Squiggy - exit Squiggy up to levy and drop back into single track at #41 - exit single track over river and back to parking.
Should show just over 50 miles.

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Re: Posting WT50 route
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2007, 10:25:04 PM »
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