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Author Topic: Sandpines 29'er  (Read 1435 times)

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Sandpines 29'er
« on: February 08, 2008, 07:34:51 PM »
Read some of your ride reports and congrats on the new bike. They ride really smooth but a front fork is the best way to go ( for me that is).  Should be fun and now you have to decide when to who to where to what to ride. I always liked my single speed at Boyette, Croom, Santos. The trails with less climbs.  The yellow trails at Santos is a blast as you power through and there is virtually no noise at all. One with nature  and all that bike nirvana stuff ...  blah blah blah   8)  Good going. Should make you stronger if you put in the miles, and it looks like you are logging some big numbers. You sick twisted ride monkey junkie!  ;D ;D
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Re: Sandpines 29'er
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2008, 10:54:38 PM »
Thanks man.  It is a blast to ride one of those SSRigid29er bikes.  It feels like being a kid again for sure.  I have a new Reba SL coming to me early next week.  Streight from a catalog order.  Riding rigid at night at Flatwoods just wasn't safe enough for me.  The bumpiness in the day is not too bad but at night is just too much.  Haven't gone to Alafia with it yet and only once to Boyette.  We'll see how it goes Sunday.  Only two weeks into it and I am already getting close to my normal 26 geary mph average with a 32/18 combo.  Need to go practice more climbs and go down to a 17T or 16T at Flatwoods to let fly.  I am hoping to do a long ride at Croom tomorrow so we'll see how the SS behaves for me.  I hope to have more leg strength at the end of the ride then on a geary bike.  29er is just the way to go with all the sand.  I was having a ton of fun last Sunday picking the deepest sand paths at Morris Bridge.  I even rode around the power line rode north of piglet several times just to see how well it would do.  The sand pit between mysery and gator bait by the pits is like is not even there.  It does very little fish tailing and loose very little speed going through it.  I am totally sold on the 29er fo sure!  I let a friend tried it and he is now on a Felt 29 SS Solo since he liked mine so much.  These toys are here to stay.

P.S.  No I don't ride monkeys.  Specially not sick twisted ones.    :o ;D

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Re: Sandpines 29'er
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2008, 04:16:00 PM »

You need to try a Niner R.I.P. 29. It's like a big wheeled Giant Trance (very similar suspension engineering/geometry.) I rode one, but only for a few minutes; quite impressive. Most of the articles extol it's virtues at being one of the best FS 29" bikes out there.
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