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Author Topic: Jack the Bikeman 6 Hour Challenge  (Read 1403 times)

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Jack the Bikeman 6 Hour Challenge
« on: March 06, 2008, 10:26:39 PM »
Dyer Park, West Palm Beach

Most of you don't know about Jack. He's a local man that gives bikes to migrant children and young migrant adults for transportation to work.  Jack does all this relying completely on donations and his own money and asks for nothing in return.

A couple of Christmas' ago I had the opportunity to spend a Saturday afternoon repairing bikes for Jack to give away.  While I was there only a couple of hours that day I saw Jack give away 5 bikes including two I just finished working on. He asked no questions and simply walked the people to the rear of his shop and let them choose which bike they wanted.   

We now have an opportunity to give to Jack. Join Jack on March 30th for a 6 hour marathon on the "HILL" at Dyer Park. 

Entry fee is 1 new bike part (tire, tube, wheel...) and a minimum of $100 in donations (tax deductable).  For $100's in donations you will receive a raffle ticket to win a Felt Virtue 3 and for each additional $50 in donations you will receive an additional raffle ticket.  There are also food drinks and cash prizes for each division.

3 divisions - solo, 2 person team and 3 person team

For more information contact Tom Rassiga at The Bicyclery
Phone (561) 684-8444

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