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Author Topic: Boyette Rumor Mill  (Read 1257 times)

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Boyette Rumor Mill
« on: April 24, 2008, 08:01:37 PM »
Hey all, note the below referenced message I received from the manager of Balm-Boyette as it pertains to a rumor that the preserve is going to be shut down to bikers.

As always, if you hear such rumors about the place send 'em to me and I will run them by the man in charge then let you know straight from the horses mouth what's up.

Also, he is working hard to try and get our vehicle access issue resolved with Risk Management so that we can once again drive out and work and maintain the trails.

Note from County -
......Also, I heard today from a few people that ride at Boyette that a rumor
is being spread that the preserve is going to be shut down to bikers.
Please let your members know that this is not true and there are no
plans to remove mountain biking from the recreational activities allowed
on the property.
Meanwhile this is the perfect opportunity for a few more folks to step up and "Adopt-A-Trail."
Also, Bob Wilcox - at Croom, needs some major involvement from the club members this weekend to take back the trails.  It seems the overgrowth is getting almost out of hand.  So if you can spare a few hours of your free time Saturday to help out up there, let him know your coming.  bwilcox at dishmail dot net

This Sunday is the club ride at Croom #3, and it would be nice to have clean trails to ride.

Great rides to all,