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Author Topic: S.C.A.R....Adventure Race  (Read 2734 times)

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S.C.A.R....Adventure Race
« on: May 14, 2008, 07:14:08 PM »
SCAR - SEMINOLE COUNTY ELITE ADVENTURE RACE involves biking, paddling, trekking and possible unique challenges. Much of biking involves travel on paved secondary roads in the Geneva area and select trails. Paddling is on the beautiful St. Johns River and conecting waterways. Trekking will be in Mullet Lake Park and other natural lands. Teams should be familiar and experienced with navigating using a compass and map, on water, on foot, and on bike. You should understand basic navigation techniques of hand railing, backstops, shooting a bearing, using attack points, and identifying mapped features.

IF you are interested check it out at


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Re: S.C.A.R....Adventure Race
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2008, 07:32:56 PM »
Thanks for posting this.

For the swamp members that may not know about  adventure racing could you perhaps explain it in greater detail? 

Swampers I have done these races and they are a lot of fun.  Don't let all the fancy navigation jargon scare you away.  Kip from often has navigation classes at trout creek.  In fact the next class is May 24th

After the class you should have enough education to tackle the 4-8 hour races.  Get a couple of people and form a team.
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Re: S.C.A.R....Adventure Race
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2008, 05:44:22 PM »
Most of you most likely know most of this already but.....Adventure Racing typically involves a team  of 2, 3, 4 or more members working together to complete an unmarked race course in the shortest amount of time. Adventure Racing can and typically does involve a variety of disiplines that may include but are not limited to mtn biking, running, canoing, climbing, swimming, rope work, white water kayak, etc. etc.... Navigation is the most important aspect of the race because the course(S) are not marked. You are supplied a map and you have to find the CP's (check points) using the map supplied. The maps are typically USGS Quadrangle Maps but in some cases may also be aerial maps, street maps or other similar maps...You will need a compass to find your way around the course (that is unless you have one in your head...but I would not rely on that)... In some Adventure Races you are only given numbers called UTM's which are similar to a LAT/LONG number and you must plot these numbers in order to find the checkpoints. HOwever, for the SCAR the checkpoints will already be on the maps and all you will have to do is find your way to the checkpoints.. The checkpoints are typically a flag with a punch device which you can punch you passport with. The passport is a check card that shows you visited the correct checkpoint....

Each team is responsible for carrying all their own food and water throught the course of the race. In some cases the race course will come back to a transition area (TA), kind of like a triathalons, where you will change from the canoe leg over to the mtn bike leg or run leg, etc..... While in the TA you can pick up additinal food and water. However you can never tell when and or if you will return to the TA until you are supplied maps and attend the pre race meeting.

In many cases while out on the course teams will assist each other in order to locate a CP, and especially a new team that is struggling finding their way around the course.....Just ask a team and they will provide assistance....But make sure you tell them you are new to the sport........There may also be areas where you will get extremely muddy or have to bushwack through a short area to get a checkpoint.......

In this race I expect there will be several checkpoint on the course and the idea is to get as many checkpoints as you can and get back to the start/finsih line by the posted deadline...You do not have to get all the checkpoints....However, sometimes there will be mandatory checkpoints.....Typically the team that gets the most checkpoints in the shortest amount of time wins......

If you are interested in doing an AR for the 1st time or are unsure of your ability to navigate around an unmarked course you can usually hook up with someone who has done races before or attend a Nav Clinic or AR Training Camp.... However, if you can read a road map and find your way around and you know how to us a compass it is relatively easy to pick up......The main point is to just keep track of where you are on the map at all times...As long as you keep track of where you are at ALL TIMES you typically will have few problems in finding your way around the course..However, it does not mean that you will find all the CP's....I do not expect the SCAR to have CP's that are difficlt to find....

You can also post on any of the AR message boards...WeCeFar, Cfar, Adventurous Concepts, Trailblazers, etc...that you are interested in doing an AR but would like to hook up with an experienced NAV person and most will be willing to help...However, you should be in good physical condiition so that you can keep up with the navigator and finish the course...Of course if you are on this web site and are Mtn biking on a regular basiis you will most likely do ok.....

I am rambling on and on here and I could ramble on a while longer but I think you get the general idea..........Well that is kind of it in a nutshell...If you have question call me or e-mail me and I will be more than happy to yak on and on some more.
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