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Author Topic: When did SandPine get a hard/easy option? I like it! :-) + Aafia Video Part 2  (Read 2039 times)

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Excuse the self shameless plug here.  Couldn't help it commenting on the new hard/easy option at the trail that most of you don't ride.  But I just can't seem to leave the park without visiting my favoritre trail at Alafia.  Check out Part II of my now famous "Alafia Easy Riding" youtube video and read my post on the hard/easy option up on my blog here:

Again excuse the plug....  BTW, Alafia sure was nice and smooth.  Art's and crew's hard work sure was notisable on everything I rode last Thursday.  BIG KUDOS to all.  Don't forget the workay this comming Saturday.  See you all there.