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Author Topic: Oleta race Sunday November 12  (Read 1304 times)

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Oleta race Sunday November 12
« on: November 08, 2006, 06:36:31 PM »
Original Ellsrider  to test his power and speed against Special k ( now known as Idrider) We rode Croom last weekend and Idrider rode out  faster and stronger than me and Original Ellsrider. What Idrider doesn't know is that we were both holding back giving him a false sense of security.  Idrider has been the fastest rider amongst our group the past year or so and he doesn't take not being the big dog that well. Original Ellsrider has been training consistently and will give  a strong showing if he starts well. Could make for an unhappy finish for the Idrider. He might be looking for a new bike if he loses to the Original Ellsrider.  I have been training a little bit, getting some rides in, doing push ups and sit ups, watching the diet and I should give  my best performance since Tallahassee. If I can sustain a strong start and ride without getting blocked by slower riders and their jammage and tempted by their slower speeds to wuss out,  I think I can do really well, top 5 finish. I will be happy with anything in the top 10 though. I've got my bike dialed in with a new Fox F100 RL and its riding riding as smooth as a 1982 Oldsmobile going down the highway. Been working on the cardio to help me sustain the strong fast starts. Looks like a good weekend to ride. Original Ellsrider has been enjoying the big  gap he beat me by at the last race, talking all kinds of smack, but I told him its going to be a lot closer this weekend. No more sickness, no more crappy bikes, time to bring it.  ;D
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