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Author Topic: Great workday today!  (Read 2581 times)

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Great workday today!
« on: July 12, 2008, 05:39:13 PM »
Thank you, thank you SWAMP Club members for coming to the call!!

Wow, we had a great turnout of 29 eager volunteers to converge upon the acreage affectionately known as Balm-Boyette. There were trimmers, there were BOB's, there were guys looking for shovels and picks and just point them to the trail.  Awesome job everybody.

Upper Loch Ness had a fallen wall.  The climb out of Upper Loch Ness was getting worse and worse with erosion.  The climb up from the bridge between Loch Ness and Upper Loch Ness was badly eroded.  South Abyss had erosion issues that made it a bit dicy to ride. Not anymore!  All of that is fixed and ready for the gaggle of mountain bike groupies to have their way with the trails.

Golf Cart, Gator Pit, Abyss and the Quadrants should all be to your liking too.  We even opened the bypass connecting SWAMP Thing to Garry's Loop.  Sorry folks, there just wasn't enough time and energy to work on the technical section.  Major trail helping was done though. 

A Special thanks goes out to Dave and Lou Whyte for fixing the bench and returning it to South Abyss, bringing a great lunch and beverages for all, and to Adele Gustafson for the delicious brownies.  Also THANK YOU Dave and Lou for going back out after lunch to saw the fallen tree out of Gator Pit.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers today, for without them we would not have this awesome mountain biking destination to enjoy.

Garry Rosseter, Wes "Lumber" Eubank, Harvey "Two Dog" Minton, Kim "Clock" Joiner, Dave "Mowerman" Whyte, Lou "Buffet" Whyte, Jay "I'll be right there" Baily, Belinda "No Shovel" Williams, Jim Deluca, Jerry "Lets Move Some Blocks" Hauck, Marsha "Yes Lets Move Some Blocks" Hauck, Alex McKeithen, Frank "Show Me The Trail" Truluck, George "This Way Frank" Gaskell, Gregg "Surprise" Irving, Kenny Dixon, Chris Moore, Tim "Vaminous" Gustafson, Ken "Gruff" Orlando, Sally "Martha" Eakle, Laurie King, Eric Rudenger, Rich Panico, Sam Wasmundt, Ray "I'll Bring The BOB's" Danko, Adele "Brownies" Gustafson, Dick Stillwagon, Barry Bates, and Jason Sharrow.

Thank you all for your major help today at Boyette.  I can't wait to ride the newly repaired and groomed trails tomorrow.