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Author Topic: Juicy 3 bladder issues?  (Read 1126 times)

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Juicy 3 bladder issues?
« on: September 05, 2008, 11:45:52 PM »
I've had my Juicy 3 brakes for about a year and a half.  After I swapped the Juicy's over to the XTC I noticed the front brake lever had quite a bit more travel than the rear brake lever.  It had been quite a few months since I had last used these brakes so I wasn't sure if the difference I was feeling was just me being accustomed to the brakes on my other bike or maybe the front pads were wearing very low.

Given the age of the brakes, I went ahead and installed new pads.  That didn't fix the issue.  Upon further inspection I could actually hear air hissing as I depressed the lever.  At that point I took the bike over to Bike Works to bleed the front brake for me (I don't have the tools to bleed them myself). 

So I get a call today from Raf stating he has tried to bleed the front brake but fluid is leaking out of the seam of the reservoir cover.  I was advised this was most likely a result of a ripped/leaking bladder which most likely caused air to enter the closed system in the first place.  He further advised this wasn't a common issue...particularly for brakes that aren't all that old.

Any ideas what caused the issue?  Was it possibly a manufacturing defect?  Could something have happened when the brakes were swapped over from my Anthem to the XTC (I first noticed the issue after they were swapped over)?  Has anyone else experience these issues with their Juicy 3's?