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Author Topic: Selle SMP Evolution  (Read 1061 times)

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Selle SMP Evolution
« on: October 20, 2008, 01:45:52 PM »
Bought at Oliver's.  On a Ventanna El Saltamonte.  Old saddle is Aspide Arrowhead.   Riding style: Lazy - I put in too much time riding F.Woods because it is convenient.    (I'm trying to get to Alafia & Boyette more often so that I can get more anerobic time in.)

About the saddle:  I like it.  It does what it is advertised to do, relieve soft tissue pressure.  I have probably around 20+ hours on it now. I tend to chafe with this saddle at the contact point with my ischial tuborosities (sit bones).  This saddle makes contact on the inner surfaces of the sit bones.  I really didn't need any more than about 5 hours to adapt to this prerssure, but I am now a regular pre-ride user of bag balm.  The saddle is dished out somewhat giving a strong feeling of being neutally seated.  However I am not limited to this neutral position.  The seat  allows me to rotate my pelvis forward far further that a traditional seat.  I like being able to vary muscle tension in the lower back and abs.  This seat allows that to happen.  I have no problem getting off the back of the saddle for steep decents.
I did get numbness from this seat on one ride.  It was riding 2 laps at F.Woods and I didn't get out of the seat at all until I realized what was happening.  However any moving around while trail riding should avoid numbness.

I Paid around $240 for the seat with 10% discount.  I almost bought the seat online because when I first asked if the LBS would give me a SWAMP discount I was told no.  When I was walking away across the parking lot someone from the bike shop came & told me that they would indeed give me the discount.  So, I bought it.

I would rate this saddle  :) ;) ;D :o ??? 4 1/2 gators (is there any way to add 1/2 a smiley face?) because it is a bit pricey.  It is a comfortable saddle which feels good on a long ride.

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