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Author Topic: Some SWAMP volunteer numbers  (Read 1047 times)

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Some SWAMP volunteer numbers
« on: November 19, 2008, 04:18:18 PM »
Hey folks - the 2008 volunteer hours came to a close over the weekend.

First of all a huge thank you to all who participated in making our four trail systems - Alafia, Balm-Boyette, Croom, and Morris Bridge - a great success of awesome trails.  Between the four systems we have 125+ miles of trails to ride.

All total for the year we had 273 volunteers cover 2975.5 hours of trail building and maintenance.  No that number of volunteers didn't show up to each trail day of course, or we would have been finished LONG ago.  But spread out over the year with some on this day, some on that, we had that many involved.  Lets at least break 3000 for 2009!

2009 hours will start as of this week.

Those who volunteered for 2008 will be honored at the Christmas Party on Dec. 7th.  Missed out on your 20 hours?  You have all year to make it up, and more, for next year.  Watch for the workday announcements and get involved with your clubs trails.  You ride 'em; you enjoy'em; be a part of the group that makes it even possible.

We have come a long way this year, and last, with the bike trails.
- Alafia had some cool trails added, and existing trails made better.  We're looking at around 16 miles of trails with the potential for much more.
- Croom enjoyed a year of no motorcycles and we saw what a huge positve thing that was for the trail system when this past September the motorcycles came back.  With any luck we can work with Forestry to keep them separate from now on. Croom sports about 60 miles worth of trails.
- Morris Bridge had some new re routes done that makes the experience of that trail system so much better.  If you hit everything you get about 25 miles of trails.
- Boyette has undergone a reworking of the trail experience over the last few years and we will soon have the final phase of new trails finished.  This new section is unlike anything else we have to ride. This will bring us to about 25 miles worth of trails at Boyette.

We are quite lucky to have such an assortment of mountain bike trails to enjoy.

Major thanks to the land managers who help us through each year to have these trails to offer:
- Joe Humble and crew with Trout Creek/Flatwoods/Morris Bridge with Trail Bosses Ken Orlando, Gregg Irving - WTA President, and Joe Rutherford.
- Coy E. Helms Jr. and crew at Alafia River State Park with Trail Boss Art North
- Ross Dickerson and crew at Balm-Boyette with Trail Bosses Dave Whyte, Wes Eubank, Garry Rosseter.
- Mark Good and crew at Croom with Trail Boss Bob Wilcox and Dave Hawkins Assistant.

So as we start into the recording of 2009 volunteer hours - will your name be on the list?  Please say that it will.  We have a lot of work to keep these trails in tip top shape.  Come on out one Saturday a month, or four, and help us set the bar for trail maintenance and building.

Thanks to all.

Garry Rosseter
SWAMP President