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Author Topic: Safety Director  (Read 1080 times)

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Safety Director
« on: December 16, 2008, 08:47:53 PM »
Should Swamp consider having a safety director?
After reading about Franks (redriderpro) accident and other incidents some items of concern and questions come to mind. Some of these are:

 1. Shouldn't the access rodes have signage assigned to them in a co-ordinated manner so that emergency personnel could more easily
    find the victims. GPS ? quadrants, sectors... to narrow down search efforts. Boyette has several roads, should they be assigned
    labels  like North1, Northeast 1. east-west1, east-west2, North section 1, some sort of system to help steer the rescue where
    they need to be.
2. Should Swamp provide  to the park managers an emergency kit that they can grab when they respond to an accident? It can have in
    it items that could be useful for the comfort of the victim.
3. Should Swamp provide helmets (low Cost) to park managers for free use to riders who do not have a helmet?
4.  I don't want to open any doors on if a safety director can dictate thetypes of trails but there can be recommendations on how
     to make trails safer. A basic example might be eliminate the jagged edge rocks and replace with smoother surfaced rocks from a rock
    section, or have trail entrance areas    be 42" wide instead of 36" ( I'm just making this stuff up, numbers are not based on anything)
    but the point is a safety director could  have an impact on trail design without reducing the technical aspect of a trail. Having such
    a person could greatly improve the   gravitas of Swamp when dealing with govt. groups.
5. Safety Director could work with emergency response and 911 people and provide to them detailed maps and directions that could be
    used to help in directing rescue personnel.
6. Each park would have its own particulars but a person who is focused on the safety aspect could have greater overview than the
    person who is in charge of that park, based on the special training  and knowledge gained by the safety director.

      I think an established Safety protocol with an official Director would go a long way in the eyes of bureaucrats when Swamp approaches govt entities of any type in dealings  on any matters concerning Swamp, whether it is about opening new lands or access or new  trails or even asking for govt. money. There are no people or groups who are better suited for MTB than groups like Swamp and OMBA and Ridgeriders and probaly a few others in Florida. Government agencies would be impressed by a group that has in place safety programs dealing with a full spectrum of safety issues concerning MTB in Florida.  Just thought I would throw it out for General Discussion.
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Re: Safety Director
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2008, 08:59:52 PM »
Good subject, but SWAMP already is proactive with safety.  We have in place at three of the four trail systems a Mountain Bike Patrol group.  These folks are First Aid and CPR trained, know the trail system better than most and have contact info for park and emergency personnel.  Thing is many times accidents happen when they aren't around.  The sport is inherently dangerous and folks should plan accordingly.  Water skiers get hurt; skate boarders get hurt; dog trainers get hurt.  You can't really be there for everything.  Trying to make that understood by attorney's?  Yeah, not so much.  That is usually where glitches come up.  But, recognizing limitations of help, we are able to take steps to help out in ways that bring help faster.  It keeps getting better.

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Re: Safety Director
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2008, 06:51:39 AM »
Swamp is pro-active with safety but wouldn't it be greatly enhanced with a formal structure. You mention lawyers, lawyers use in court programs of  formality to deflect liability. If A company has inplace a safety program and Johnny worker gets injured then a lawyer can argue that A company has less liability to the workers injury because A company has inplace a formal structure dedicated to thesafety of its workers. Roving safety patrols are a good thing but who logs their miles, puts together monthly reports, turns them into govt. agencies, park rangers... to be used as data to strengthen Swamps position as an organisation as a group that is dedicated and working towards less injury so the sate agency, county, park... doesn't have to be worried as much about potential safety problems. It seems  thats all all agencies are really concerned about. Give the people who Swamp works with something they can use to protect themselves  in case something happens. If something happens, are they going to be in trouble or have major problems because of it?  Make their job easier for them.  I'm not saying all of this as a system of deferring liability, it would make things better and safer for all.
     You also mention that it sounds like your job doing all these things. It should be the job of  a safety director,  not the president.  The President should be free  for photo ops at new trail openings.  ;D   Glory el presidente!!!! 
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Re: Safety Director
« Reply #3 on: December 17, 2008, 07:50:43 AM »
I'm not going to quote FL Statutes, but in Fl there is 0 liabillity law and its cut and dry.  Of course anyone can sue for any reason,  but with the current statute in place I don't see a law suit going very far. 

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Re: Safety Director
« Reply #4 on: December 20, 2008, 07:55:38 PM »
I applaud the guts of all the riders who I have heard about in the last few months who have broken their machines and bodies while recreating in the woods on their bikes.  I wish you well.  I am grateful for whatever insight you provide which will help me to avoid a similar accident and I am sorry for the tremendous price you have paid for your wisdom.

Back in the day we would stop before, during or after our rides to have a safety meeting.  These were fun and intoxicating breaks complementing long and happy days in the woods.

Since I have survived youth I find myself trying more and more to evaluate risk and reduce injuries when I ride.  I believe that a more analytic form of safety would benefit any rider who has an urge to reduce their own injuries, self evaluate their techniques and improve their riding experience.

A safety director acting in this capacity would organize a reporting and filing system.  The safety director would add to SWAMP’s proactive safety program a department that gathers information, tracks accidents and injuries, analyzes them and categorizes factors involved.  The information would be useful to all mountain bikers in their development of skills and judgment.

Here is a form adapted that might be a starting point for reporting and analyzing accidents / incidents:
Person Reporting This Accident/Incident:    Reporter E-mail 
Cyclist Information:
Cyclist Name.  Cyclist City.  Cyclist State/Province.  Cyclist E-mail.  Cyclist Date of birth.  Cyclist Gender: Male / Female.  Cyclist Height.  Cyclist Weight. 
Cyclist SWAMP Member? YES / NO 
Cyclist Rating /Experience: 

Date of Accident/Incident: -- mm/dd/yy
Time of Accident/Incident: 
Site of Accident/Incident: 
Nearest Town: 

Cycle Manufacturer: 
Helmet Model: 
Other Protective devices:

Causes / Other Factors:  Equipment Failure / Collision

Injuries: (check all that apply): Head
Face   Neck   Chest   Back   Abdomen   Shoulder   Arm   Elbow   Forearm   Wrist –
Hand   Pelvis   Thigh   Knee   Calf   Ankle   Foot   Other –
Hospitalized Overnight? YES / NO 
Fatal?  YES / NO
Description of Accident/Incident: Describe ride, accident/incident, and apparent causes. Include weather, distractions, emotional factors, and medication use. Please give your opinion of cause and suggestions for prevention. Take as much space as needed. 


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