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Author Topic: SWAMP FORUM GUIDELINES  (Read 3945 times)

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« on: December 18, 2008, 08:48:03 AM »
The SWAMP Mountain Bike Club welcomes you to our Forums. 

This is a great place to talk bikes. It is also a reflection of who we are as a club.  Please help us keep our home clean by considering these guidelines.  Your continued usage of these forums implies your acceptance of these guidelines.

Our mission is to foster a healthy mountain bike community and promote our trail riding, building and maintenance efforts. The SWAMP Mountain Bike Club Community Forum (Forums) are the core of our community. As a result, we would appreciate it if each member would read and abide by these guidelines.

The Swamp Club staff and volunteer moderators monitor the message boards, removing inappropriate content when possible. The purpose of these guidelines is to explain what kind of messages are "inappropriate," and therefore possibly deleted. Hopefully, if we explain these guidelines properly, everyone will understand why a post or topic was edited or removed. In general, we err on the side of leaving messages up. The entire site is premised on sharing cycling information, so as one might imagine we are strong proponents of free speech. That being said, here are some specific reasons why we MAY remove posts or topics:

   1. Flaming, insults, threats or degrading comments
   2. Profanity, offensive language, or racial epithets.
   3. Advertisement or spam not related to member interests. Certain bike related advertisements are welcome.
   4. Obscene, pornographic or unrelated images/photos/text/videos.
   5. Items that promote illegal activity.
   6. Double posts (same message to more than 2 locations). Posting the same message to multiple boards is spam, and all posts may be removed and the user may be banned. Please post to the most relevant board only, no more than 2.
   7. Out of date, off-topic or having no remaining value.  Some fantastic topics are very useful but have a limited or finite lifespan

In addition to #3 above, Classified Ads/Want Ads/Trade Ads that are related to the mountain bike community should be posted in our General Mountain Bike Info Sections in the appropriate board. Racing or special bike event advertisements may be placed in the Race Events board.

Threads that keep getting "bumped" back to the top with "hey, bumping this post back up" type posts will be locked. If you do not have anything new/informative to add to the post, please do not attempt to "bump" a thread just to keep it at the top.

Avatars (a personal graphical image) and/or signature files are welcome within the following limitations.  Items must not be inappropriate, obscene or distasteful, such items may be removed by us at any time and without notice.  Images used in signature files should not be so large that they detract from the message thread or forums in general.  When conditions permit we may first attempt to ask you to change your avatar or signature line if we deem them to be inappropriate.

Also, users registering multiple accounts without our permission and/or posing as different people is NOT allowed and one or all of multiple accounts may be banned without warning.

We reserve the right to remove posts or topics at our discretion. However, we truly love this community, so we intend to only remove items based on the best interests of the community. Additionally, we reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time and without prior notice.

We truly hope these guidelines will foster a better overall experience for all level of forum users alike.

Please feel free to ask questions or direct comments to us.

Thank You,

The Forum Moderation Team