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Author Topic: Croom on Saturday  (Read 1863 times)

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Croom on Saturday
« on: January 03, 2009, 10:48:54 PM »
Hey -- Went to Croom today for the first time since August. Did most of the trails south of the road and then from the 8-mile bailout back to the road following the blue trail and then most of the yellow trail north of the road. Thirty two miles total. What a disaster the motocross has caused on so many miles of trails, especially south of the road. Some of the ruts were so big that I had to glide through. If I had pedaled, my pedals would have struck the side of the ruts. Worse than the ruts, in my opinion, is what the motocross did to some of the already sandy areas. The areas are twice as long now and twice as wide as last summer.

I'm not against motocross, but shouldn't the organizer of the event have to repair the trails? It's like organizing a triathlon and then not picking up any of the garbage the racers create.  No matter how kind Mother Nature is over the next few weeks, I don't see how the trails won't remain torn up for the Croom 35/50. I predict a lot more people will be walking through a lot more of the sandy sections this year. (Of course, all that walking only turns up more sand.) I just hope no one gets seriously hurt when they catch a front tire in one of the cavernous ruts.

I know this has all been brought up before. It just ticks me off. I used to like Croom for the sandy slog that it was. Now, it's not very fun. Pray for rain ... or a miracle.