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Author Topic: Adventure- only the crazy.... (og posted by trebor on Mtb florida forum)  (Read 1477 times)

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naked indian

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..need read this thread. eek

An MTB course has been plotted for a:
* self supported
* mentally taxing
* physically cruel
100 Mile Tour

This is for fun = no entry $$, no prize, no shirt....

Here is the map:

Date: Feb 7th
Time: TBA (but think 6 or 7 AM)
Where: Either Landbridge or 49th Street trail head of the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway
How: Out & Back route. From Trail head ride to Nobleton (Croom) and turn back and head to Santos trail head and back to start point. This particular route will allow for well spaced pit stops and for anyone to ride any length they desire up to 100 miles.
What: Single track, double track, dirt roads, a little paved roads, paved rail-trail, and the unknown...

This is a continuation of the infamous Grueler route:

The goal is to discover a super long route for adventure and bike packing. This particular trip will not include riding the Croom trails; just to find out if it's possible to get there.... there is always phase 2 for that! winken

Post up, shoot me a PM, ignore me - doesn't matter. Get your chamois butter ready and let's GO!

Take note: This is February so daylight is short, weather can turn cold, it could rain, and it's a long freaking way on uncharted paths. ADVENTURE may be found here. No "sag", no wagon, no chearing crowds (unless you wear pink).

Giddy up!

O and no entry fee for this one..................did I say no entry fee.............