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Author Topic: Do you have free time?  (Read 1116 times)

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Do you have free time?
« on: January 07, 2009, 09:05:44 AM »
Welcome all to the new year - 2009.

The SWAMP Club is lucky enough to have a wide assortment of trails to choose from with which to ride.  We have land managers that encourage and enjoy our use of the natural resources to make these trails fun, challenging, and at times epic in nature.  Within an hours drive of most of us we have over 125 miles of trails to enjoy.

We, as a club - a group of enthusiasts, simply have to show up and build them so that we even have a place to ride.  We don't have to buy the land. We don't have to pay big fees to use them. (nominal day use fees and club dues don't count). We don't even have to pull thousands of dollars out of our pockets to have a parking lot paved, or construct restroom facilities.  All we have to do is show up and build the trails.  Heck fire, even the volunteers can show up to a workday with not even a tool - as tools and lunch are provided.  All you volunteers have to do is show up and offer a few hours of your energy and time.

We also try to make it convenient by offering workdays over a variety of days.  All we need is for you to come on out and help.  By doing so you gain the benefits of ensuring that we have good, quality trails to enjoy anytime that you want to ride them for years to come. 

The club officers see to all of the details - permission to build the trails, approval to have access that the general public does not have in order to maintain the trails, layout and design of the trails, planning of the workdays, obtaining the knowledge of what makes a sustainable trail, then  sharing that knowledge with volunteers who come out to help.  So there again, all you have to do is show up with your energy and time, and you get the fulfilling reward of many, many miles of awesome trails to enjoy at your leisure.

So with all of that, can you find some free time, going into this new year, to join in with your fellow club members to volunteer your time and energy in keeping these trails maintained as we build into the final stages of sweet single track?

We are in the final weeks of finishing the trail system at Boyette and will be coming up on a few miles of new trail at Alafia.  It's nice to hop on your bike and ride the trails.  It's even BETTER to hop on your bike and ride a trail that you actually had a hand in building and maintaining.

Lets join together, as a club, and finally obtain the prize we have been working towards for years, and that is four separate FINISHED trail systems in our quiver of trails that we ride.  We are so very close to that goal; with your dedication and help we can have it before the summer heat kicks in.

Sign up for a work day and help make it happen.

All the best in this coming year to all,
Garry Rosseter
SWAMP President