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Author Topic: Boyette: Directional use options  (Read 1554 times)

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Boyette: Directional use options
« on: April 12, 2009, 04:45:51 PM »
Now that some of the Boyette trails are being made ONE WAY - specifically Sidewinder and SWAMP Thing - the question comes up - "What if I want to ride Ridgeline after continuing on through SWAMP Thing to do Garry's Loop where I used to double back to do Ridgeline again?"

There are three ways to get back to Ridgeline.

Option #1) After leaving Garry's Loop and just before going into Woods Trail, turn left on the two-track at the Woods Trail sign and follow it back around along the fence to the fast drop next to where Sidewinder and SWAMP Thing meet.  You can then take SWAMP Thing to Ridgeline.  (This, by the way, will be made as a bit more of a fun, edgy trail with a downhill soon flowing into a new entrance of SWAMP Thing.)

Option #2) After leaving Garry's Loop and just before going into Woods Trail, turn right on the two-track for about a 1/4 mile, and right again on the new service road you see going into the tall grass.  Follow this service road directly to the entrance of Ridgeline.

Option #3) Continue on through Woods Trail, following it to East Meadow and back towards Spur, Spider berm, Abyss so then you can pick up any of those trails again, or you can just turn right, (near the entrance to Spider Berm), and take the two-track past Pandemonium directly to Sidewinder-SWAMP Thing and the entrance to Ridgeline.

I'm sure everyone will get used to this after they try it a few times.  I suggest giving all three a try and see which works best for your particular energy level or riding style.

I plan on bringing back the old abandoned climb on West Meadow too for all of you folks who want to get your climbing legs warmed up for out of state trips.  ;-)