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Author Topic: Anyone Interested in Helping Plan an IMBA "Take A Kid Mountian Biking" Event?  (Read 1257 times)

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BAADR Mountain Bike Club of Tampa Bay is planning on participating in the IMBA’s “Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day” this year to be held on Saturday October 3rd by having a large event at Trout Creek Park in Wilderness Parks in east Tampa. This is a National Event Sponsored by IMBA in partnership with Trips for Kids (We will be working with “Trips for Kids Tampa” chapter) and they (IMBA) provide some prizes and stuff directly. We are looking for the local shops, clubs, and anyone who wants to be involved to help us promote this event and maybe provide some swag, funds, and prizes to help promote the sport within the Tampa Bay community.

Since this will be a large event, we will need to reserve all the pavilions at the Trout Creek site to accommodate the event. We would also like to provide some type of food for the event such as BBQ or the like. We do have plenty of time to start planning this, so I am looking for any ideas and also your level of interest, if any, in helping with this event.

Please let me know soon so we can start the ball rolling on planning this. For more information on the IMBA’s program on this click the link:


Darrin Wilson
BAADR Mountain Bike Club of Tampa Bay