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Author Topic: Thank You B- Group Leades and crew Sunday 10/11/09  (Read 1107 times)

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Thank You B- Group Leades and crew Sunday 10/11/09
« on: October 13, 2009, 09:04:41 PM »
Ok Im fessin up...I took my almost first WOMP....yep....hit like a brick all of a sudden. Trail Lead was fantastic,,,he didnt let me feel like a !@#$. I experianced my first darn good challenge that day. After about 2.5 hours I hit the wall. My bad judgement for not having snacks or electrolytes.

So....thanks everyone for really making my first ride here very special and fun...much appreciative.

Joe I still a newbie......
Joe Messina
Peace Out beautiful People....just sayin.....

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Re: Thank You B- Group Leades and crew Sunday 10/11/09
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2009, 05:50:14 PM »
Thanks from here, as well!

I've only been on a few group rides, but that sounds pretty typical of the SWAMP crew. I'm on the slower side myself (I was the wacko in your group on the unicycle) and although I do try to choose my ride-along by my pace and not the course taken, I sometimes find myself the one they're waiting on, too.  Sometimes I'm not the one dragging, so my thanks also to those of you who come out unprepared :D :D :D

I typically run 2:1 water to gatorade mix in my camelbak, try to keep at least a liter per hour with me, and I was glad sunday to find a bag of Swedish Fish tucked in the bottom of my camelbak for the extra pick-me-up.  I hit the wall hard a few weekends ago on a trip up to Asheville (had water but no gatorade mix at the time), and a few guys from the group I was riding with (not SWAMP but similar helpful outlook) stepped up and helped me out as well... not sure I would've got back down the mountain without their donations, hehe.

The folks here on the boards (and SWAMP in general) seem to be pretty good about these things, so post up, meet up, and ride on.  The wall gets farther and farther away the more you ride.

John M