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Author Topic: Squiggy Practice - This Sunday  (Read 1198 times)

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Squiggy Practice - This Sunday
« on: February 23, 2007, 08:50:55 AM »
Alrighty, listen up.....  The offical group ride this Sunday is at Croom.  The trails are in the best shape you will ever find them in.  If you keep hearing people complain about the beach like fine sand at croom and how you are always climbing and jumping whoopie dooes, well is true.  Except that the sand is now very well packed.  I haven't seen it since the Croom 50 even but it was very well packed then.  I was told that is even better now.  There is also a work day there this Saturday so they will fix somethings to make it even better.

Now, some of us cannot drive up that far or choose to stay closer to home.  So why not a little practice at the Squiggy course.  At least from what I remember it last year.  Wiskey bob and I did it last Tuesday and he helped by pulling me along and shaved off 5 min of my time from last year.  I hope to do better this Sunday.  We may even practice the Lemans start.  I need to practice my one leg on the pedal and jump into the sattle cowboy style anyway.  I loose too much time getting back on my bike.

So if you want to practice the course 2 weeks early, meet us there at 9am this Sunday.  Park on the south side of the Morris Bridge parking lot.  South side of the boat ramp were there are no bathrooms.  See you then.