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Author Topic: Full time job opportunity: Bike mechanic/sales apply within  (Read 755 times)

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I thought I'd pass on an employment opportunity to whoever fits the bill.
My friends/patients at Streetfit 360 bike shop on Gandy in South Tampa have a new full time job opening that just became available.

Wanted immediately!!!!:   Bike mechanic/sales person with possible management potential in the near future, experience a plus....  duh!!

It's a low pressure family style bike shop with a great staff and work environment.

I don't expect this job opening to last very long given the crappy state of economics. So if anybody here needs something or knows

 somebody give them a call or better yet show up in person with resume in hand and tell them "TROY" or "Hygieneboy" told you there

was an opening.

Points of contact are Jana or Andy Clark the owners:

 1-877-2TRIKKE   3311 W.Gandy Blvd,  Tampa, FL 33611