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Author Topic: Volunteers Needed for Trips for Kids Tampa!  (Read 547 times)

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Volunteers Needed for Trips for Kids Tampa!
« on: July 02, 2010, 04:14:57 PM »
Hey  All!

We  are looking for fellow mountain bike lovers who would like to help needy kids  learn about the sport and the environment! We are a local chapter of a national  charity ( dedicated  to spreading the joy of mountain biking and environmental awareness to needy  children across the country! Locally we work with several agencies such as the  Boys and Girls clubs, foster homes, group homes, Scouting groups, and inner  city youth organizations. Check out our website for more information

Trips  For Kids Tampa Mission Statement:
The mission of Trips For Kids Tampa is to  provide mountain bike outings and environmental education for low-income youth  from Hillsborough County communities; to provide outdoor outings (primarily  bike rides), community service, and educational opportunities for “at risk”  kids that do not have access to these types of activities within their communities  or environments; and to combine lessons in personal responsibility,  self-empowerment, achievement, and community service so that “at risk” kids are  equipped with tools for building positive accomplishments and relationships  within their communities and their lives.
Trips For Kids Tampa is about more than teaching kids about  mountain biking.  We use the mountain bike as a tool to get kids outdoors,  learning the importance of conserving and preserving our natural  resources.  We don't just tell the kids to REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE, we  give them a hands on look at nature and let them see for themselves how  every part of nature and the environment is interconnected.  When they can  see with their own eyes how even a small change in an ecosystem can have a huge  impact on every inhabitant within that ecosystem it is easier for them to  understand the impact they can have by making simple choices such as recycling,  reducing waste and reusing everyday items. It is our hope that kids will leave  our program with a new found appreciation for local, state, and national parks  and a desire to become active stewards of the environment.

Trips For Kids Tampa Partners with Academy  Prep Center of Tampa

This  year we have partnered up with the Academy Prep Center of Tampa  which is a private school that is focused on teaching kids from the poorest  areas of Tampa that they can make a difference in their community! Most of  their students come from single parent families with very little to look  forward to in their lives. The Academy Prep Center gives them the opportunity  to change themselves and their future. Trips for Kids Tampa has partnered up with  this great school to offer their students an ongoing program to help teach  their students the following:
·Introduce the students to our local  parks  ·Provide the students with basic skills and  education in mountain biking, trail etiquette, and safety·Provide the students with a basic introduction  to ecology·Persuade the students to become active in  preserving and conserving our natural resources·Provide lessons in personal responsibility,  self-esteem, confidence,  and achievement through the development of  practical skills and the simple act of having fun.

Please  take a minute and look into our organization and if you feel you would like to  make a difference in some children’s lives, why not volunteer to be a part of  Trips for Kids Tampa? We need volunteers for all levels! Also needed are  donations of cash, equipment, and/or supplies.
     Trips  for Kids Tampa is a IRS 501 (c) 3  charity so all donations are fully tax  deductible!
Thank  You!