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Author Topic: Sundays ride moved  (Read 544 times)

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Sundays ride moved
« on: August 05, 2010, 08:31:34 PM »
Hello all,
Sorry for the late call on changing Sundays ride, but Hillsborough Fire Dept. says they will not have the fallen trees and burning embers at Balm-Boyette cleaned up in time for Sundays ride.  There will be no access to the Boyette trails until sometime next week.

So, Sundays ride has been moved to just down the road at Alafia.  Same time, same everything, just not at Boyette.

As an update:
SST is burned.  Burnt trees have fallen down on the trail and on the two-track leading out, and still some hot spots the fire dept. hasn't completely extinguished.  Safety is their big concern and they will let us know when it's safe to access the trails again.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable ride at Alafia this Sunday.  There will be a workday at Alafia on Saturday as well, so some freshly worked trails to ride on will be nice.