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Author Topic: Sympathy for the mileage leader  (Read 1163 times)

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Sympathy for the mileage leader
« on: March 11, 2007, 05:02:36 PM »
Our current mileage leader, the Original Ellsrider, has been riding and training to get himself stronger for the races. He's done a good job. How can you not, saddle time is what its all about when you are at the beginner level. El Lagarto he did really well, finishing in fourth  if my memory is correct. Our 12 Hours of Reddick team was kickin arse until the travesty on the second from last lap, dropping us to a fourth place finish, and now at the SERC #1 race at Reddick, The Original Ellsrider was kickin butt, leading the race from the hole shot all the way. He had a commanding lead on the second place rider, over a one minute lead, and then he flats at around the mile#8 mark of a 10+ mile race. Needless to say, put a fork in him. All he could do was congratulate the #2 rider when he went through. Tough break. Keep riding and get  'em next time. Oh yeah, get those Stans ZTR's installed on your bike. Thats why  you spend the jack for stuff like that. Do all the prep work and training only to lose it to a flat tire. Bummer.     :'(   :'(

It takes a lot to win a race. Everything has to come together just right. Congrats to youse guys ( squiggy medalists) for doin so well!
" Not this time, Lance"