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Author Topic: Riders wanted 8hr Labor  (Read 497 times)

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Riders wanted 8hr Labor
« on: August 13, 2010, 11:47:50 AM »
Looking for rider(s) for the 3 man or 2 person coed(need female) for this event.

In Tampa area wld be a plus so we can do a little training together before Sept 5th. Currently ride with group that runs a couple teams (we like the team events). Finished 3rd at 12 of Santos - base over 125. In that race our faster rider in the low 42 min, i was in the 43 range (sport group riders in the 40-41 faster riders).   Couple guys have rode/placed in some some singles events.

Most often ride Boyette, Croom, Alafia, Santos offroad, Carter for night rides, various locations when doing some road riding ie, Pinellas Trail (Pasadena to Gulf to Bay), Ruskin, Flatwoods, San Antonio.

Had couple injuries in group and trying to form another team. I got the short straw to start it. We're a laid back group, like to have fun, getting fitness, having a goal. Know we are not fastest riders but certainly not slowest.

Would like same minded people to join, looking to ride a little more competitively. Don't want the uber-intense junkie, regardless if fast or slow.

Our group does a lot of social/trip rides as well. Just back from FATS (2nd trip there this summer), DT St Pete and Tampa bar rids, as well as some Santos and San Felasco camping trips, Fat Tire Fests.

If you need more info on the 8 hrs of labor event go to Gone Ridings website or call me 727/631-2594, Danny.