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Author Topic: Serc#1 Reddick race  (Read 1197 times)

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Serc#1 Reddick race
« on: March 11, 2007, 05:57:27 PM »
      A strong showing by the 813 Racing at the Southeast Regional Championships season opening race at Razorback in Reddick Florida gave the team out of Hillsborough County plenty of wood and plenty of " if only's " also. Ellsrider took a 2'nd place finish in the beginners mens 40 -49 category and The Idster took a third place finish in the mens beginner 30 -39 category. The big story was the 'if only'  that all racers have to endure as they race and compete in these challenging off-road events. The list is long  and sometimes comical as the excuses for 'if only' stories are told post race. My favorite and most often used by myself is the 'if only"  I had trained more, I would have done better, followed by 'if only' that guy wouldn't have cut me off. The hardest  and most legitimate are the 'if only' mechanicals and 'if only' flat tire somber tales spoken to anyone who is within earshot. This is what prevented 813 Racing from adding a 1'st place finish to there cache of medals. With only 2 miles to go in the race and not another racer within 1 minute of him on the course, The Original Ellsrider flatted out and had to walk it in, giving up  the gold to the next racer in line, another up and coming racer named Bert. The 4'th member of 813 Racing could not be at the race today due to family matters, but the 4'th  team member woulf have placed the Ellsrider further down the pack as Graham has been riding stronger than Ellsrider and would have seriously competed for the #1 spot in the 40 -49 beginners category. Always keeping things positive, the 813 Team recognizes the progress that has been made and realises that the goals are within  reach and it's just a matter time for the dreams to come true.   
     The Ellsrider felt that the field was smaller and not as competitive as during the FSC series last year, at least as it was during the end of the series when most riders were stronger and conditioned after completing all the prior races. At the start, Ellsrider held second place after the hole shot. The front runner gave in to the Ellsrider around mile 1.5 and the Ellsrider held the lead till the 3.5 mile mark when he gave the lead back to #503 - Brett (Brent) who rode that lead all the way in for the win. Ellsrider was feeling weak and couldn't hold the strong cadence in the big ring on the flat fast sections that dominate the middle miles of the course. An attempt at a gu shot failed as only part of it was taken in before dropping the precious contents to the ground. No competition came up and pressured the Ellsrider during the race and taking 2'nd place was easy, finishing a full 45 -50 seconds behind the winner. Third place came in 1 minute plus behind second place. Comparing his times to the lap times during the 12 Hour race, the Ellsrider felt that if the laps would have been the same he was riding 1.5 - 2 minutes slower than he was during the 12 Hour Race. "Lack of serious training and conditioning and not enough saddle time during the past three weeks contributed to this loss. If only I could have trained more". the Ellsrider was heard saying.     ;D
        The Idster ran hard for his race in the 30 -39 category, grabbing his wood above the big#3. This following an off-road 4 wheel ATV accident on Saturday that left the racer bruised on his ribs and cut up on  his rear cassettte shifting arm and hand.  He felt that "if only'  he had known how close he was, he would have put the extra effort in and gone for the win.  " %^^$#&, if Iknew I was that close, I would have hammered. I thought I was in $%%^&^$  5'th place or some %%^%&&$ like that". The Idster was quoted  while waiting for the awards ceremony. 
    813 Racing is now checking their race schedules to see if any additional races can be entered as the series continues in the northern mountainous states. The Georgia State Championships in Macon next weekend is being planned.
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