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Author Topic: New and want to join  (Read 1347 times)

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New and want to join
« on: March 14, 2007, 12:12:06 AM »
Hey all.... been looking at your website.  I and my family have decided that we would like to join up with the club as it looks like fun and we could use the chance to make some new friends!

Here is a little background on us.  I was born and raised the first 32 years of my life in upstate New York.  I grew up in Rome, but have moved around to Syracuse and Buffalo.  8 years ago found me in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I married my current wife.  3 and a half years ago found us in Ozark, Arkansas.  Talk about mountains!  The first of this year finds us here in Wesley Chapel.  I work in Tampa and drive by Morris Bridge every day.
I have ridden bicycles most of my life, often depending on them to get me to one job and sometimes two jobs a day.  My last bike was a cheap wal-mart bike, back when mountain bikes were becoming popular and models were coming out with shocks and suspension systems that regular people could start to afford.
I rode my mountain bike everywhere, basically just so I could say I rode there!  Bicycle events to raise money was my thing and last ride I did was a 60 mile ride for cancer.  I did it on my mountain bike in 6 hours.
So now we are here.  The list includes me and my wife, my 18 year old son, and my 19 year old nephew and his girlfriend.  We all bought bikes as an idea to get back into shape.  My internet research showed the various parks around and with Morris Bridge in mind I picked a mountain bike over a street bike.
We have ridden the suncoast trail and Hillsborough State park so far.  Our first attempt to ride Morris Bridge however found it closed and hosting the Squigey.  Funny how things work out though... After doing laps at lettuce park that day, I was on the internet and happened across SWAMP.  We went back with application in hand on sunday looking for any members, but only saw some from another club.... they had no idea if you all were there or not!  I have left messages on the hotline as I just wanted to talk to someone and make sure this is for us.
I am back at it again.  Been awhile since I was on a bicycle, but like they say, once you learn to ride you never forget!  I have plans to ride my new mountain bike on a road ride.  This one is the MS 150 held in April of this year.  My son is planning on doing it as well, but since not experienced, going to do the short 50 mile ride.  I am looking for support in any ways one might be willing.  Either by pledging some money towards the ride, volunteering to help the day of the ride, riding with us, trying to start a team, or just spreading the word about the ride to others.
Anyways, lookin forward to hearing from you all.... looks like some fun to be had by all!  Catch me on email at: JimJannain (at) or by cell at : 813-695-5428

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Re: New and want to join
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2007, 01:10:29 AM »

Welcome!!!  30 dollars towards a family Swamp Club membership really will pay off.
1. The Swamp club builds and maintains trails at Alafia River State Park, Balm Boyette Scrub, Wilderness trail System (Morris Bridge,Trout Creek, and Flatwoods), And Croom at the Withlacoochee state forrest. All and all about 120ish miles of off road trail ranging from very flat to very challenging.

2.They hold work days every Saturday rotating from one park to the next. The work day usually lasts about 3 hours and includes a lunch.

3.They hold regualr Sunday morning rides that are guided and split into different skill levels, that you can move back and forth at your will and as you improve. These rides also rotate from park to park, occasionally mixing in a trip to Santos trail system in Ocala. These rides often include a social BBQ
after them.
4. The club is very family friendly there ar Kids rides at every Trout Creek ride, Usually the first sunday of every month.
5.As you found out this past weekend, the club hold several events a year that include the Squiggy mountain bike race, The Croom 35/50, the anuall Alafia river Fat Tire Festeval, among some annual trips.
6. Most the local bike shops will honor a 10 percent discount for Swampers. Just a couple of purchases supporting your local bike shop, and you have paid for your memebership.
7.The People. The Club was started by some people who are a real class act, about 15 years ago. The club has grown substantially, to the point where there are around 150 to 200 very active members, with many more who you don't see very often. It is a great group of people, very diverse but all brought together by a common love of off road biking. Yeah there are closet roadies but we don't get on them too much for that.
8. I and at least one other member are from Buffalo, so we can talk about how you can't get a decent wing anywhere.

Anyway I have blathered on a bit. You can either mail the membership in or you can attend any of the scheduled rides find Marty, Wes, Tim or Julianne, and they will be happy to take your money.
Welcome again


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Re: New and want to join
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2007, 09:25:07 AM »
I became a member just a few weeks ago and paid through Pay-Pal. My first ride with this club was the "Intro to Mountain Biking" course which is held each month. I highly recomend it! They're a great bunch of people and I get to meet more and more of them every week 8)
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Re: New and want to join
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2007, 10:06:01 AM »
You and your family are at the right place.  I have no doubth that this club will work for you.  Weither you join us at a volunteer work day or just enjoy a Sunday ride.  Gregg summarized things for you very well.  This Sunday we are riding at boyette.

Please visit our club website again and look up the calender.  There you will find where we will be next and maybe directions on how to get there.  See you around...