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HuRaCaN 300
« on: November 29, 2010, 08:16:18 PM »

The Huracan 300 Challenge is the ULTIMATE OFF-ROAD ENDURANCE EXPERIENCE in the state of Florida.

The route features over 100-miles of singletrack, many remote miles of double track forest roads and abandoned paths, and a few miles of pavement here-and-there. During the route riders cross numerous forests, The Cross Florida Greenway, two mountain bike parks and miles of some of Florida's longest and hardest climbs. That's right, we said long and hard.

This year we are pleased to offer riders the ability to participate in one of four ways. For those seeking the ultimate challenge, an Individual Time Trial (ITT) format is the only way to go.You Also have the option to Ride Solo using the staging ares for support. For those wishing to suffer with someone else, there is the Duo Team category. The final option is to pass the baton each day along the course in the Team Relay category.

This challenge offers riders the ability to participate using a stage format. The clock starts at the beginning of each stage and ends at the stages conclusion. Each stage's time is then compiled for a total elapsed time. Pretty straight forward.

At the designated staging areas support is allowed - but support is not allowed at any other point along the course from you support team. Support may be taken to the racer in the staging area, but the racer can not be taken to the support.

Fastest overall time wins. Sound like a challenge?

Please checks the RULES, any rule violation results in a severe time penalty.

Race Detail:

The Huracan Challenge is a loop - you finish where you begin.

Total mileage +/-300 miles.

Stage 1: Friday, March 4th at 8am. The stage begins in Minneola, Florida and ends at Stompknockers by the River near Inverness, Florida. This stage features some big climbs on the way out of Clermont, then immediately leads into dirt roads. Also requires crossing the Green Swamp, Richloam Tract, 20-miles of Croom singletrack and Potts Preserve before you reach Stumpknockers to rest and recover.

Stage 2: Saturday March 5th at 8am. This leg of the challenge goes from Stumpknockers across the Cross Florida Greenway and all the way to across the Ocala National Forest ending at its most southern terminus at Paisley MTB trail head in Paisley, Florida. The route across the Ocala National Forest is surprisingly challenging.... not to be underestimated.

Stage 3: Starts Sunday March 6th at 8am. When leaving Paisley you start the day with the infamous Maggie Jones Road, leading you into Seminole Forest, and then across the Rock Springs Preserve. Upon leaving Rock Springs Preserve you have to portage your bike across the Wekiva River into the Wekiwa State Park to buff singletrack and fire roads that lead you into Apopka, Florida. Once in Apopka you continue via the Lake Apopka Preserve ending your Loop with some of the biggest and longest climbs on the route before you get back to where you began in Minneola.

There is no entry fee and there are no prizes, this is a ride for HONOR and bragging rights.

SOLO ITT format is the original and hardest category to race. You agree to complete the route under your own power following the self supported rules with no pre-arranged outside assistance.

SOLO Riders are free to receive support at the staging areas.

Duo is any two person team. You are free to draft and support each other in any way you please. The team's time-clock will not stop until both team members cross the finish line for each stage. You and your team mate travel together along the entire route following the stage format. Suffering together is always better than suffering alone.

Relay teams can be made up of 2 or 3 riders. The "baton" can only be exchanged in the staging areas. Your team leapfrogs ahead and meets you at the stage end and then the next day, your team mate takes on the pleasure of racing to the next stage end. Being a relay team member, you may also draft and get support from other racers on the course.

SOLO, Relay and Duo teams are competing against each other and will be scored as such. Total fastest time wins no matter what class or what type of equipment you choose to complete the challenge. ITT racers are scored separately.

To navigate the route a GPX file will be provided. From that file riders may make their own cue sheets and print their own map.


1. Riders must complete the loop on their bike, being propelled in no way shape or form by a motor vehicle and following the route provided in the GPX within a 100-foot deviation.

2. ALL Riders may draft and assist one another freely during the event. Riders are able to assist, tow, or help each other any way they see fit between the staging areas. This is to bring about a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood (sisterhood). Some racing ITT may feel it more pure to not draft, tow, or take food and water. Honorable, but not against the rules to do so for this event.

3. Riders are able to receive outside support in only two designated areas. Stumpknockers Restaurant and Paisley MTB Trailhead.

To receive outside pre-arranged support in any other place results in a 99-hour penalty. Pre-arranged means: From friends, family, cache, or any other source of which the racers may have knowledge. Items left or dropped "accidentally" by friends or family such that a racer happens upon such item is the same as support and subject to penalty.

4. If at any time a rider enters, climbs or rides in any type of motor vehicle, he is officially withdrawing from the challenge and his time will no longer be counted or recognized. This includes in the staging areas even if it is just for a place to rest.

The only exception to this rule are relay racers acting as their own self contained support unit. NOTE: The racer in that day's stage may not use the vehicle of his team mates until the "baton" is passed. At which time the team member receiving the baton may no longer make use of the vehicle.

5. Use of GPS, cell phones and any navigational apps are allowed anytime during the race.

6. Use of public/private/commercial/Trail Magic/ services are allowed any time during the race. Trail Magic is the kindness of a stranger and works off the philosophy that it is a possible resource available to any other racer on the course.

7. For the sake of safety there will be a required gear list.

First aid kit.

Front and rear light.


Ability to carry a minimum of 40 oz of water.

Emergnecy calories for the stage.

2 tubes, pump or CO2, chain tool, and multi tool.

Quick link/chain pin.

Emergency whistle.

Cell phone or some means of getting outside assistance in a 911 emergency.

NOTE: Racers will not be able to continue in the challenge if they cannot present this gear anytime during the race. A 36-hour penalty will be assessed for any racer not maintaining the required items while on course.

8. The clock starts at the beginning of the stage at 8am and stops when you reach the next staging area. The clock does not stop for ITT racers, though they may stop and rest as needed.

9. Fastest time wins.

10. You must start and end the event on the same bike with which you began the event. Relay racers must follow the same rule. Each rider that starts with a particular bike on the team must finish with that same bike each stage. Remember any outside support outside of a staging area results in a 99-hour penalty.

11. Relay team mates may not follow a racer or meet them anywhere on course. This is to prevent “accidental” support and to not give unfair advantage by giving even moral support that would not be available to the entire field

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Re: HuRaCaN 300
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2011, 09:15:24 AM »
GPS of the route is available:

Time still remains to submit your letter of intent to: nakedindian (at) singletracksamurai (dot ) c o m

I'm going ITT - no support. Anyone else want to toe-the-line??

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Re: HuRaCaN 300
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2011, 10:03:34 AM »
Next year...maybe...
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Re: HuRaCaN 300
« Reply #3 on: March 01, 2011, 09:45:07 AM »
track it live as it happens. for all you E-Racerz